Frequently Ask Questions

• How do I get a Visa to Visit Cambodia?

  • • You can get a visa through any Cambodian Embassy, however you can also apply on arrival at the border or in the Airports. You will be handed a visa application during your flight, otherwise they are available at the arrival desk. Along with the completed Application form and a current valid Passport you will need (2) passport photos to submit with your paperwork. The cost for a (1) month tourist Visa at the time of this entry is $25 USD.

• What is the most common currency used in Cambodia?

  • • The US Dollar is the most common currency used by tourists, however the local currency, the Cambodian Riel (KHR) is used for transactions of less than $1 USD or in other words your small change will be passed to you as Riel (KHR.) The conversion rate at the time of this entry is approximately 4000 (KHR) = 1 (USD). Differing institution have different rates of exchange.
  • • IMPORTANT: Please check the quality of the currency handed to you during transactions, damaged currency is often refused by business owners because their banks will also refuse to accept it for deposit. This is unique to Cambodia, as there is a thriving business in charging for exchange of damaged currency at a fee. It is not impolite to ask to have your currency to be exchanged if you notice a problem at the time of transaction.
  • Yes we do have foreign currency exchange at the hotel.
  • • There are many ATM with foreign bank affiliations so cash is readily available.

• Is Cambodia a safe destination?

  • • Yes Cambodia is a safe destination and there are very few incidence with tourists, especially in the established Tourist precincts. While the police presence does not always stand out, there is a strong presence. As with all global destinations you are responsible for securing your personal valuables, and during transit around the Capital you need to be aware of property security. The rate of illegal personal injury cases are extremely low, however remember, and DON’T put yourself in harm’s way. If you have problems then your first point of call are the local or tourist police.

• How far is Sakmut Boutique Hotel from Angkor Sites?

  • We are (10) minutes by road from the Angkor Site Entrance.

• How far is Sakmut Boutique Hotel from the famous Night Markets and Pub Street?

  • • We are (10) minutes by road from the tourist shopping precinct, close enough to be convenient and far enough to be a peaceful calm haven.

• Are their respectful dress codes for visiting the Ancient Temple sites?

  • • Yes. The Khmer people are rightly proud of their heritage and are as a majority devout Buddhists. When they visit working Pagoda’s or the ancient sites they prefer to follow tradition and dress appropriately (Not Always Formal). While they are too polite to scold for non-compliance and they are not so strict a society as to demand visitor’s adherence to their culture, they quietly respect some understanding.
  • Suggested guidelines from The Tour Guides Association: Appropriate attire when visiting temples in Angkor Wat is long pants (covering the knee) and shirts that cover shoulders. Small Skirts, small shorts, tank tops, and other items of revealing clothing are not allowed within temple grounds. Visitors can and are frequently turned away from temples when wearing revealing clothing.

• Can I book my tour itinerary upon arrival?

  • • Yes, the Hotel has fully trained staff to assist you in setting your itinerary, there is no better advice then local advice and we are trained to be helpful and sensitive to your needs and respectful of your time frames and budget.

• What is the best form of transport to view the temples or see the sites of Siem Reap?

  • • It all a matter of taste, we can organise air-conditioned car, vans or coaches or the more active and adventuress may prefer the open air of a Tuk Tuk, it’s all a matter of taste. Rain or shine I prefer the Tuk Tuk, I feel more of a connection with the environment. Whichever you prefer, our staff can connect you with a safe, recommended provider.



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